UK Casino Slots

The range of UK casino slots available online is fantastic with numerous different themed titles for players to choose from. The different themes are designed to appeal to players with differing interests which means as many types of players as possible are contacted and appealed to. In addition to the range of themes which are available there are also a whole range of differing types of UK casino slots to choose from. There are five reel slots, three reel slots and progressive slots all offering very different playing experiences. The first types of UK casino slots which are hugely popular are the range of excellent progressive jackpot games. The progressive jackpot games give players the chance to win a life changing sum of money. The progressive UK casino slots work as from every bet player’s placed a small amount of the bet goes into a communal jackpot. The communal jackpot can reach huge amounts of money which can be won by a lucky player. One of the most popular progressive jackpot games is the Major Millions slot which is a game based on an army major presented with an entertaining and amusing style of visual effects.

The Major Millions game uses different armed forces related symbols like tanks and airplanes to enhance the games theme. The game play in the slot is excellent as there are numerous bonuses for players to try and activate and a medium sized format to try and master. The other excellent progressive jackpot UK casino slots include the Lord of the Rings game which is a slot based on the very famous fantasy movie trilogy. This game will appeal to fans of the smash hit films and the game is presented with stunning visual and sound effects which include quality cinematic clips. The player will be totally immersed in a fantasy land because of the quality effects when they start spinning the reels. The game play in this UK casino slots is excellent as there are two hundred and four three ways for a player to win and some great bonuses to unlock. The other available progressive UK casino slots game is the Lots a Loot game which offers a much simpler theme and presents it with equally simple and plain visual and sound effects. The game play in this UK casino slots game is in keeping with the simple theme which is perfect for players wanting a straight forward playing session.

The next important set of UK casino slots for players to enjoy are the range of five reels branded games. The five reel branded games include the range of Marvel games which are excellent as they are based on different superhero characters. The superhero themed UK casino slots that players can enjoy include the Spiderman, King Kong, Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four and X-men games. The most popular and successful of these marvel themed UK casino slots is the brilliant Spiderman game which is based on the hugely famous comic book and more recently action movie. The game places players into the shoes of Peter Parker who is a young journalist who gets bitten by a spider. The spider bite gives him powers of a mutant and the ability of extreme strength and climbing skills which he uses to fight criminals. This UK casino slots is brilliantly well presented in the original style of comic book animation which looks excellent on the screen as it is full of colour. The game has a fantastic style of play with a medium sized slot format and several great bonuses. The best bonus is the ‘rescue Mary Jane’ feature which sees Spiderman swinging through the streets trying to rescue his beloved partner from an evil criminal.

The other branded five reel UK casino slots for players to try include several movie themed games. One of the most popular of these UK casino slots is the excellent Hellboy game which is based on a one time comic book and now an action movie star. The Hellboy game tells the story of a monster who was brought to Earth from hell by the Nazis in the Second World War. The monster was captured by the allies at the end of the war and has since been used for the good of mankind battling evil paranormal forces. This UK casino slots places players on one of Hellboys missions to vanish paranormal forces which is a highly exciting adventure theme. The effects used in this game are fantastic as the graphics used are taken directly from the original comic books which are something that players will love. One of the other very popular branded UK casino slots is the Rocky game which is based on the famous movie from the 1980’s. The Rocky game places players into the shoes of a boxer who is competing for the world championship and can have their prize fund significantly rewarded if they are successful.

Players who are wondering what is a UK online casino should try the range of slot games found online in any of the UK online casino operators recommended in this guide. The UK casino slots offer players a thrilling style of play with excellent winning potential if played wisely. The other UK casino slots that are not based on a movie are the range of themed titles which include games based on action and adventure, fantasy, history, animated and the more traditional concepts. One of the most exciting action and adventure games for players to try is the City of Gold game which them into the shoes of an intrepid explorer. The explorer treks deep into the South American jungle into the world of the Incas in an effort to uncover an ancient lost city of gold. One of the other UK casino slots that have a great action and adventure theme is the Heist game which places players in the middle of an exciting bank robbery. In conclusion the range of games all offer excellent themes which players can immerse themselves into and a selection of different styles of play for them to enjoy.